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Thank A Teacher

Thank A Teacher

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Teachers deserve thanks and appreciation more than ever this year! This Elle Belle Box is specially priced to thank teachers for all that they do both inside the "classroom" and behind the scenes. Being a teacher is SO much more than we know and they deserve so much more than we sometimes show. 

Show your children's teachers thanks and appreciation as they go back to school with this Elle Belle Box featuring:

  • Rose Petal Bath Salts.  Carefully sourced from mines located deep within the Himalayan Mountains, this Himalayan Pink Bath Salt is known around the world for its beautiful color and varied trace minerals. Formed from the ancient seabed that was crystalized into rich salt veins within the mountains when they formed, this Himalayan pink salt is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth. River Forest, IL Company and Women Owned

  • Blackout Baking CO. Cookie of the Month Package of 3

    Dark chocolate-covered caramel-filled chocolate cookie with milk chocolate chunks. Sprinkled with sea salt and gold leaf (because we're fancy like that) River Forest, IL Company and Women Owned

  • Veruca Chocolates Dark Chocolate With Caramelized Cornflakes Clusters
    Delicious and addicting chocolate clusters! The perfect snack to bring on the go or to enjoy at home during a movie night or your next Netflix binge.
    Chicago, IL Company and Women Owned

  • Todd & Holland Tea Merchants Original Spice Tea Blend (1oz) with five tea filters. The finest spices are combined with a quality blend of choice black teas. Even your non-tea drinking friends will like this tea.
    Forest Park, IL Company and Family Owned

  • Repour. A smart Wine Stopper which saves open bottles of wine down to the last drop. High end wineries and restaurants all over the world use this product, available for personal use due to Covid.

    photo credit: Elle Belle Box, Blackout Baking Co., Todd & Holland Tea